Rumah Podomoro Park di Bandung

Neo Plaza


Neo Plaza

Podomoro Park Bandung presents a Neo Plaza with the theme 'Café Resto Shophouse'. Besides having a spacious alfresco area, Neo Plaza also provides an outdoor dining area on the second floor balcony. 
With the charm of natural beauty that South Bandung has, customers can enjoy the beauty of the mountains of Malabar and Patuha while being exposed to the area's mild, clean air.
The modern tropical facade that enhance a luxurious impression with a majestic 360° view of the mountains of South Bandung and a spacious alfresco area that can be used to your various business styles.
Furthermore, Neo Plaza has a captive market potential of more than 2.1 million residents of South Bandung, including 12,000 high end captive markets from Podomoro Park residents and 32,000 elite housing residents +/- 5km around the area.
Neo Plaza is the perfect place, both in terms of location and profit, as a place for the success of your business!



5 x 15 meter
Podomoro Park Bandung STANDARD


6 x 15 meter
Podomoro Park Bandung HOOK


5 x 15 meter
Podomoro Park Bandung EXTENTION
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