Rumah Podomoro Park di Bandung

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Podomoro Park Bandung is the latest masterpiece project of Agung Podomoro Land, located in the middle of the beauty of South Bandung. A residence that prioritizes harmony with nature will give you peace and comfort like staying in a premium resort area.

Podomoro Park presents an ideal residence that can improve the quality of your life for the better. This area carries five main elements which are the answer to the current ideal housing needs. The touch of the five elements of nature as a whole to bring harmonious daily life combined with natural beauty.

AIR di Podomoro Park Bandung AIR di Podomoro Park Bandung

The first element is cool breeze with fresh air,  blown from wind tunnel of Bandung Selatan Mountain. Clean air with rich of oxygen that will improve better quality of life.

MOUNTAIN di Podomoro Park Bandung

The second element is the scenery of South Bandung Mountain, Malabar and Patuha, which add the beauty that clearly seen from Podomoro Park area.

OPEN SPACE di Podomoro Park Bandung

The third element is the green open space as wide as 50% from the total area. This greenery is a dedication of Podomoro Park to the environment to make it real beauty.

LAKE di Podomoro Park Bandung LAKE di Podomoro Park Bandung

The fourth element is the majestic lake reached 1 km in the middle of Podomoro Park area. This lake will be the center of attraction in the area and will establish Podomoro Park as the only resort living in Bandung with direct access to the lake.

TREE di Podomoro Park Bandung

The fifth element is the shady lush trees and collective garden which can create calm and beauty, as well as be the lungs of the area that bring in good quality of oxygen

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