Day after day, the Podomoro Park project continues to show very significant progress.

The main boulevard with shade trees has been completed so that potential customers can tour the area. The front area around the main boulevard is ready to be built into a commercial area.

Now, the work on the units in the Amagriya Dwi and Amagriya Eka clusters has entered into structural work, which includes pipe installation, substructure work, and column installation as foundations. Furthermore, the construction of the units in the Anapuri cluster will soon enter the initial stage of structural work.

Then, the expansion of the indoor and terrace area of ​​the Temporary Marketing Office has been completed 100%. With the expansion of the Temporary Marketing Office, it is hoped that it can accommodate many guests and increase the comfort of potential customers who attend.

Even more spectacular, Podomoro Park has also handed over land for the construction of the grandest and most comprehensive Living Plaza mall in Bandung. That way, residents can meet all aspects of the necessities of life only a step from occupancy.