Entering a new normal adaptation period, the progress of the Podomoro Park Bandung project will continue according to the scheduled time.

The progress of road construction has entered the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAnapuri cluster, Amagriya Eka cluster, and Amagriya Dwi cluster. Then, the foundations for Amagriya Eka and Amagriya Dwi's clusters are already 100%, and the foundations of Anapuri piles are 90%.

Furthermore, nursery trees in the nursery area have hundreds of species of plants and are increasingly shady. The construction of Podomoro Park's Marketing Gallery basement and roof is already 100%, and the next is the building of the facade and floor architecture.

Then, consumers who want to visit directly will be guided by professional and hygienic property consultants. You can also chat casually in the backyard garden at the Temporary Marketing Office while enjoying the beauty of the natural panorama of South Bandung.